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Smooth Texture Lace Up Shoes Crumpled Pattern Plastic Outsole

Smooth Texture Lace Up Shoes Crumpled Pattern Plastic Outsole

  • Outsole Material
  • Closure Type
  • Insole Material
    No Have Insole
  • Width
  • Pattern
  • Condition
  • Texture
  • Supply Abilityy
    1500ton/per Month
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    Shoes material
  • Model Number

Smooth Texture Lace Up Shoes Crumpled Pattern Plastic Outsole

Product Description:

The realm of shoe crafting is an intricate ballet of design, functionality, and style. At the heart of this creative process is the selection of high-quality materials that not only define the aesthetic appeal of the footwear but also its durability and comfort. Our Shoe Making Materials product is meticulously designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced shoe crafters, providing a comprehensive solution for the creation of exceptional footwear. With a focus on the critical elements of shoe construction, we offer premium materials that ensure your final product stands out in both quality and design.

Our Shoe Making Materials feature a classic lace-up closure type, which remains one of the most popular and timeless closure mechanisms in the footwear industry. The lace-up system not only provides a secure fit but also adds a traditional charm to the shoe, making it suitable for a wide range of styles, from formal to casual. The versatility of this closure type allows for customization in fit, ensuring that the end-user can adjust the tightness to their comfort level.

The cornerstone of our product is the high-grade leather material that we provide. Renowned for its durability, strength, and natural beauty, leather is the quintessential choice for shoemakers aiming to create footwear that not only looks luxurious but can also withstand the test of time. Our leather is carefully selected to ensure it embodies the resilience and flexibility required for everyday wear. It is the perfect canvas for shoe artisans who demand materials that perform as beautifully as they look.

The pattern of the leather plays a significant role in the visual allure of the finished shoes. Our Shoe Making Materials come with a distinctive crumpled pattern, which adds depth and character to the leather. This texture not only contributes to the visual interest but also hides creases and wear over time, ensuring that the shoes maintain their aesthetic appeal with regular use. The crumpled pattern is a testament to the wearer's dynamic lifestyle, evolving uniquely with each step taken.

In terms of color, we have chosen a classic black for our materials. Black is a universally appealing color that conveys sophistication and elegance. It is immensely versatile, capable of complementing a wide array of designs and styles. Whether for formal dress shoes or casual boots, the black color of our leather material provides a solid foundation for creating footwear that is both stylish and readily coordinated with various outfits.

The backing technics employed in our product are based on nonwoven methods, which offer several advantages for shoe construction. Nonwoven backings provide stability and structure to the leather, ensuring that the shoes retain their shape and offer consistent support to the wearer. This technique also contributes to the overall durability of the material, further extending the lifespan of the finished footwear. Nonwoven backings are a crucial aspect of modern shoe making, and our materials are at the forefront of this technology.

For those involved in the actual construction of the shoe, we offer Sole Making Components that are essential for creating a solid foundation for any type of footwear. Our sole components are engineered for comfort, support, and longevity. They are the unseen heroes that bear the brunt of daily wear, and our materials ensure that they are up to the task. With our quality Sole Making Components, each step taken is a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail present in the shoe-making process.

In the same vein, our range of Shoe Crafting Supplies is designed to complement the primary materials with additional elements needed to create a finished shoe. From threads and needles to adhesives and finishing tools, our supplies are curated to assist shoemakers in bringing their vision to life. Every item is selected with an eye for quality and compatibility with our leather materials, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable crafting experience.

In summary, our Shoe Making Materials are an amalgamation of classic style, robust construction, and artisanal quality. They are the building blocks for creating footwear that is as enduring as it is attractive. With our materials, shoemakers can confidently embark on a journey to craft shoes that will leave a lasting impression in both form and function.


  • Product Name: Shoe Making Materials
  • Pattern: Crumpled
  • Color: Black
  • Insole Material: No Have Insole
  • Outsole Material: Plastic
  • Use: Shoes Making
  • Shoemaking Tools and Materials
  • Sole Making Components
  • Shoemaking Tools and Materials

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Width 58/60
Outsole Material Plastic
Use Shoes Making
Closure Type Lace-up
Texture Smooth
Lining Material PVC
Pattern Crumpled
Range All Kinds Of Shoes
Material Leather
Backing Technics Nonwoven


The art of shoemaking has evolved significantly through the centuries, and modern footwear is a testament to the sophistication of materials and techniques used in their construction. Among the essential components that contribute to the style, comfort, and durability of shoes are the shoe-making materials. A prominent product in this domain is the Shoes material, with the model number KK-AM006, hailing from the renowned manufacturing hubs of China. This product has been crafted to meet the diverse needs of the footwear industry, providing a versatile solution for various application occasions and scenarios.

Shoes material, featuring a distinctive crumpled pattern and an elegant black color, is a premium choice for footwear construction materials. The crumpled pattern adds a unique texture to the shoe, allowing for a range of design possibilities that can cater to the aesthetics of high-fashion footwear as well as the practicality of everyday shoes. The nonwoven backing technics utilized in this product ensures that the material is not only sturdy but also flexible, lending itself to the creation of various types of footwear.

The material's versatility extends to its application in all kinds of shoes, serving as one of the key footgear production essentials. Whether it's the sleek silhouette of formal dress shoes, the robust framework of work boots, or the casual ease of slip-ons, the Shoes material adds value to the end product. Its durability and texture make it suitable for the high-stress areas of shoes, such as the toe and heel counters, as well as for the more flexible parts like the vamp and quarters.

For those in the industry looking to craft sandals, the Shoes material stands out as a prime choice among sandal assembly elements. Its ability to hold shapes and patterns makes it an excellent material for sandal straps, footbeds, and decorative details that demand both strength and style. Moreover, the nonwoven backing provides additional support and longevity to sandals, which are often subject to wear and tear due to their open design.

In conclusion, the Shoes material with the model number KK-AM006 is an indispensable component in the realm of shoe manufacturing. Its crumpled pattern, black color, and high-quality leather material make it a go-to for brands and artisans aiming to deliver excellence in footwear. From the bustling factories of China to the fashion runways and streets around the world, this product is a fundamental element in creating shoes that are not only fashionable but are also built to last.


Brand Name: Shoes material

Model Number: KK-AM006

Place of Origin: China

Pattern: Crumpled

Texture: Smooth

Color: Black

Condition: New

Hand Made: Not Handmade

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Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support for Shoe Making Materials encompasses a range of services designed to ensure the optimal use of our products. We provide comprehensive guidance on material selection, handling, and processing techniques to maximize the quality and durability of your footwear creations. Our support also includes detailed product specifications and data sheets, best practice recommendations, and troubleshooting advice for any challenges you might encounter during the manufacturing process.

In addition to our technical support, we offer a suite of services to enhance your experience with our shoe making materials. This includes educational resources, such as tutorials and workshops, to help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques. For more complex issues or specialized assistance, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized support to address your unique needs. We are committed to fostering a strong partnership with our clients, ensuring that you have the knowledge and resources necessary to produce high-quality footwear.